Retirement strategies can be complex without a guide.

After a lifetime of accumulating retirement assets, in retirement you begin the phase of distributing those assets to last an unknown lifetime.  The rules have changed. The success of your retirement should not rely on opinions, of yours or anyone else.  It is too important and there isn’t time for do-overs.  First determining what is important to you, then quantifying current and future potentials brings clarity to your outcomes regardless of market risk and life events.  This clarity will allow you, maybe for the first time, to make decisions that factor in all aspects of your life and allow you to maintain control.  Liquidity Partner’s process may deliver the clarity, control, and peace of mind you deserve.



Our process begins with hearing from you.  What are your goals and hopes for yourself and your loved ones?  What are your needs and resources?  How do you plan on meeting your income, healthcare, and legacy requirements?  What obstacles or risks are in the way of your family’s continued happiness?


Strategy Audit and Design

We can help craft a suitable retirement strategy after we analyze your current plan.  Does your current financial plan match your stated goals?  Are you taking more risk than necessary?  Are you paying too much in fees?  Using Wealth Building Cornerstones software to analyze multiple scenarios allows for needed clarity in your decision-making process.  Let’s not prepare based on opinions, let’s quantify the results in a fact based decision-making process.


Product Acquisition

Liquidity Partners has access to quality providers and carriers.  We work exclusively for you.  As the market changes and new products and services are developed we can bring them directly to you, with total transparency.


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